Christmas Movies


Today (December 2nd) our Christmas-themed “adventure” included watching two Christmas movies while we did laundry at Jeremy’s parents house. This morning we went to church. After, we stopped at the grocery store to grab the ingredients for chicken salad sandwiches. Jeremy has been asking me to make it, even though it’s a summer recipe! Our favorite recipe is this one:

We ate lunch and started our laundry then the four of us cuddled up to watch a movie. First we watched “The Christmas Chronicles.” It’s a new movie on Netflix with Kurt Russell as Santa Claus. According to my husband, this is a big deal.


Anyway, it’s a really sweet movie. We also watched “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” because Annabella loves it. It’s not my favorite movie ever, but she usually gets bored halfway through and goes to play with her toys, and then comes back and watches the ending when Grinch is a nice guy again. 

I love watching Christmas movies with Annabella and talking about Santa, but this week we plan on focusing on the reason why we celebrate Christmas. Not just Jesus’s birthday, but also what it means to give and to be grateful. She has been learning a lot in Sunday school so I think this year she will really understand the Christmas story. 

It has already been so sweet to watch Annabella’s joy this season. There really is nothing like watching your own child experience Christmas time.  

Festival of Lights Parade

Festival of Lights Parade