Hi, I'm Natalie

Natti’s Place first officially opened in January 2013. I started on Etsy with zero sales for 6 months. In July of 2013 I opened my booth at the American Classics Marketplace, an antique mall in Colorado Springs, Colorado. All of my items were crocheted by me when I first started. Now, 4 years later, I am finally branching out from just crocheted items. Another change I have made this year is that I have started actively blogging and selling my crochet patterns.

In the four years since Natti’s Place first started, I have grown so much as a small business owner and as a person. I have also gotten married and welcomed my daughter, Annabella, into this world. You can read about my life as a mom, wife, and crafter in the blog section of this website, Natti’s Life. Crochet patterns and other craft tutorials can be found in the Patterns & Tutorials section.

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